colin bondi

...experienced local developer with a friendly approachable style...

Web/App Development

Complete range of web development services including new websites for small/medium business, non-profits and individuals needing custom design. Services include web design, app development (iOS/android), social marketing and security.
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Tech Consulting

Consulting on all technology needs from an experienced professional. I can help you with technology needs for projects, home/small-medium office tech and networking setup, cybersecurity consulting and equipment purchasing.
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about colin

I've had a passion for tech all my life and I've worked professionally as a tech consultant and web developer for the last 20 years. Over that time my work has included corporate IT and network engineering, app and web development and consulting on tech related issues for small and medium business. But beyond technical know-how I offer a friendly attitude, good communication and a great deal of flexibility to tailor my services to your specific needs. Basically I love what I do and love to come up with tech solutions to real world needs.

You can reach me at:
colin dot bondi at icloud dot com
541 - 209 - 6182