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Well the much anticipated and often dreaded 2012 is almost past. As I write this we are just hours away from the winter solstice and many people around the world are preparing for it along the lines of how they perceive the meaning of this date.

Whatever your perspective on 2012 may be there is a great potential to use it to further a shift in the collective field that is already well under way. Whether you call that shift a new cycle in the Mayan calendar, the Aquarian Age or the Age of the Goddess or something else makes no difference. What I think is most powerful about this solstice is the amount of attention focused together with the intent of transformation. There will be many many people attending ceremonies this week, doing love and healing meditations, visualizing an evolution in consciousness and lots of other activities which serve to channel a positive energy into the collective at a time when there is much darkness. Even if the Mayan calendar and galactic alignment meaning nothing (and I have no idea about any of that), this focused energy and attention can have an incredible impact. This world is a product of all of our individual psyche’s so whatever we put out there has a vibrational impact on the entire planet (and universe for that matter). A great many people focusing similar intent at the same time amplifies the vibrational effect. The media often draws our collective attention to focus on fear and violence so its refreshing to have a large scale focal point of peace and love.

If you feel a call to help create a new world that vibrates at a higher level of consciousness then you may want to add your heartfelt intention at this time. There are many ways to do that perhaps the most powerful being to get together with community and friends and put your attention together to send the energy you wish to see manifested into the field. You can also just sit for a few moments on your own particularly at the time of the solstice which is 3:11 am pacific time on Friday here on the west coast. My friend Eden Sky has suggested a particular practice known as the Rainbow Bridge meditation which is what I intend to do at the solstice time. We can do whatever feels right to us at the heart level. I feel whats most important is to ground in the heart and offer love and peace. Whether you are in a group or alone the energetic effect is joined with everyones.

Of course this type of focus is not only for a particular time and date but for every moment. My aspiration is that this collective infusion of love and light encourages more and more people to recognize their true selves and to live life fully in the eternal Now. To live life fully from the heart and put down the tired old mental and emotional patterns that are no longer needed. There is infinite potential present right here right now if we just tap into it. Are you ready to live your highest potential right now? In considering 2013, I leave you with the beautiful words of the Feminine echoed by the lovely Divine Harmony in her piece – 2013, The Year of the Goddess. As we open up the collective heart chakra and ground in the Feminine the voices of women and the presence of the Goddess will become more and more central to our path.

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