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Our true nature is right here right now. It is what we are. It is truth itself. We don’t have to acquire it. We don’t have to attain it. It doesn’t need to be healed or worked on because its always been absolutely perfect. It doen’t need to be fixed or evolved or developed. We don’t need to earn it or deserve it. It only needs to be realized and it can only ever be realized right here and right now from within.

What prevents us from being what we truly are right now? Well one way to put it is that its the belief that we are the body/mind. We misidentify ourselves with something that is temporary, limited and conditioned. We’ve dreamed ourselves into a bubble which we take to be reality itself. This mistaken identification is deeply conditioned into us and the dream of separation and limitation is a shared dream which we all collaborate in together.

After a while we get tired of this limited dream and the desire for freedom arises in consciousness. The desire to return to the true Self, to reality. But initially we may trade the old dream for a new one called the spiritual path which is no less a dream. Its just a nicer dream, a kinder, gentler dream. It is filled with concepts of love, compassion, light, meditation, enlightenment and wisdom. However as long as those things remain concepts they are just another dream, the truth has to be experienced directly. Concepts are the building blocks of that which separates us from the truth and ultimately they all must be let go.

There is arising now in both collective and individual consciousness the idea that awakening is immediately available to us if we let go of concepts and step fully and completely into the eternal now or Beingness. If we have the courage to embrace what that idea is pointing at (because thats all any idea can do) we find ourselves called to surrender everything to the truth. This is how awakening becomes immediately available because after all, the concept that awakening is something to be attained or can only be had at some distant point in the future or is far beyond our reach is absurd. Its absurd because its the truth of what we are, its already present everywhere and in everything, we are it. How could we really be separated from our true nature? Well we can’t, we can only believe or imagine we are and we do quite a good job of that.

There comes a point or a threshold for each one of us when we’re ready to embrace the truth of our being. A point where true complete surrender becomes possible. A point where there are no more questions, no more excuses, no more waiting, no more distractions, no more healing, no more spiritual fantasies, no more. What does that look like? I don’t really know. This is a place beyond knowing because the truth is not the mind/body and its world of limitation. Thats the known.

If we want to realize the truth we must surrender by throwing every concept, every excuse, every doubt, every fear, everything we are, everything we know into the fire of truth and allow it to be burned away. Everything that comes up that blocks truth we simply turn the focus of awareness on in the present moment. Awareness being our true being which no concept or conditioned phenomena can stand up to. Then all thats left is what we truly are. Concepts, fears, doubts, desires and such will still arise and there is nothing wrong with that but we will no longer mistake them for being what we are. We’re free to allow them to be there openly and we can experience life fully without getting attached to things because we know who we really are.

This is the call I experience right now, do you hear the call of truth inviting you to surrender into it to be who and what you really are? If you do freedom is yours right now if you heed this call! If you have the courage to fully surrender your imagined self and embrace the totality of being. To burn all of your concepts in the fire of awareness. Don’t worry there is nothing to loose because you are limitless! Why wait? Why suffer any longer? Now is the time!

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