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For some time now I’ve been using the mantra: I am a wealthy prosperous successful person. These three simple words have come to represent the process involved in creating a fulfilling life for me. They represent three levels of the process and three types of practice.


The first and deepest level is wealth. I now define wealth as infinite abundance which in my view is the ultimate nature of the universe, of all things. All things are derived from One Source or what in occultism is known as the root matter. All forms are crystallizations or condensations of that One Source which we can also call Spirit or the Divine or the Life Power, etc. The One Source is always present at the root of everything so if we identify wealth with it we immediately become infinitely wealthy. If this is where all form comes from it actually is the ultimate form of wealth. Too often we identify wealth with money or possessions which are limited and can be lost or taken away so our wealth is shaky and we experience fear and lack. Hence we can never get enough of these things because they are limited. When we identify wealth with something unlimited our wealth also becomes unlimited and that unlimited something becomes the raw material from which we create everything in our lives.

The practice at this level involves really getting in touch with infinite abundance because believing in it or knowing it intellectually will not be of much benefit. One way to characterize this is by saying we must learn to harmonize or attune our minds to the frequency or vibration of abundance. My way of doing that is to focus my attention in the present moment or the now and still my mind and allow myself to FEEL the flow of the life power. Meditation can be a powerful tool to enter into a heightened state of consciousness resulting in a feeling experience of abundance. We can also use external pointers such as nature, creative expressions like music and the love of a partner to help us get in touch with the feeling sense of abundance. Gratitude is another powerful practice to connect with abundance by focusing on what we already have and appreciate. There are many ways to connect with it but we must find a way to directly experience it.


The second level which essentially functions at the mental/emotional level is prosperity. If on the deepest level our true nature and that of the entire universe is abundance it should be prevalent everywhere and in every thing. However as we know that is often not the case. Lack and limitation exist and people suffer from them and thats an obvious fact of life. If abundance is the true nature of things why is there lack? Because we actively create lack by limiting the flow of abundance through thoughts, feelings and actions that block it.

The practice on this level involves learning to ALLOW abundance to flow in all areas of our lives. Since we are habitually conditioned into lack, at first we must engage in a very deliberate very disciplined practice of observing our minds to identify the thoughts, feelings, images and patterns which limit the flow of abundance and create lack in our lives. As we identify these lack producing aspects of our mind we need to work in the moment to transmute and dissolve them. I do this by noticing when I am creating lack such as having a thought that I am broke or an image in my mind of not being able to pay a bill or a feeling of fear about survival. These things put our mind into a low vibrational state which is out of tune with abundance. In that moment I remind myself that I am actively creating lack and reconnect with abundance right on the spot. I take my power back from the limited creations which keep me in lack. I then replace the lack producing thought or image with one that reflects abundance such as seeing myself with everything I need or having plentiful money and resources. I really see and feel it. This must be done continuously in the moment to counteract the conditioning of lack and it is a very challenging process at first requiring a strong commitment and consistent unyielding effort but the result is that abundance begins to flow more and more freely as we reclaim our power and dissolve the habitual patterns. However if we are not fully committed to the process we will not succeed in freeing ourselves because the conditioning of lack and limitation goes very deep.

One reason many fail to free themselves from lack is because going through the process of allowing prosperity brings up all of our old beliefs and past traumas that no longer serve us. We may have created parts of our identity on being poor or just getting by or having a work ethic of struggling to make ends meet. If we truly wish to free ourselves we must face all of our old stuff and essentially create a new identity based on abundance, empowerment and freedom. A tall order but absolutely achievable if we have the spirit of never giving up.


The third level takes the process all the way to the fulfillment that we are capable of as human beings. If we are in touch with our true nature of abundance and remove the obstacles to its flow allowing prosperity in our life the world takes on a whole new experience. We see abundance and life and beauty everywhere we look. We can draw on that state of natural prosperity and take it a step further becoming co-creators with the Divine.

This is done by the practice of getting in touch with what we truly want to create in life and setting specific goals to attain it. If we are in tune with abundance and allowing it to flow through our lives we will have an infinte degree of power behind our actions and intentions. Creating what we want ceases to be a struggle and becomes more of a creative artistic act. Our life becomes a unique conscious expression of living Spirit. In a subsequent post I’ll say more about the actual practice of creating successfully…..

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