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As the energies of transformation continue to intensify many old patterns are being illuminated both personally and collectively. One very powerful pattern is our relationship with and expression of our sexuality. Alternative lifestyles are becoming more accepted, LGBTQ people are demanding equal rights and achieving them and people are questioning and rethinking things like gender and sexual expression. However I personally feel that the realm of sexuality is still something that needs to be greatly upleveled and healed if we are to realize any real degree of personal and collective transformation and freedom.

The energy behind our sexuality and what we tap into during sex is the single most powerful force we will ever encounter or have at our disposal as human beings. In occult contexts its called the Mars force or the Scorpio force or the Serpent Power (Kundalini). This force is the specialized manifestation of the Life Power of the universe in the human organism. It is the ultimate creative power having the power to create life itself. It is also something we have the power to control if we are capable of doing so. The problem in our society is this power is incredibly misunderstood and horribly misused. As a counselor I see over and over again the pain and trauma people have around their sexuality. Even though it is a life giving force, sexual energy when misused can be an active means of self destruction, distraction and addiction.

There are two things that have really caught my attention in terms of the abuse of sexual energy. One is lack of discrimination in choosing sexual partners and an excessive frequency of orgasm. The majority of people don’t realize what actually takes place during sexual union on an energetic level. We can easily be deceived by appearances that sex is casual and is just a physical thing, no big deal. But when we have sex with another person the energy channels of our body and theirs become interconnected and there is an exchange of energy on multiple levels. There is no such thing as casual sex on an energetic level. This connection does not end after sex is finished, it can linger on some levels for days and weeks afterwards. Even if we’re just having a casual encounter with someone, if we have sex with them, we take on their energy, literally. Not just their sexual energy but their emotional energy, thought forms and other energies that the person may be carrying which they picked up from external sources. Its not uncommon for people to experience illness, fatigue, depression, anxiety and other issues after having sex. We can pick up things from people in this way that can impact us significantly and take a great deal of time to be free of. The point I’m making here is understanding how significant it is to choose who we have sex with intentionally and wisely. We need to ask ourselves if we really want to take on a particular persons energy, if we really want to unite ourselves with that person.

The other potentially destructive use of sexuality I see is in an excessive frequency of orgasm. Sexual energy is the very force that sustains our body, it is our very vitality. In the west, sex has become obsessively connected to the orgasm and for many people sex is not complete or fulfilling unless there has been one or more orgasms. Orgasms are magical incredible experiences but if we need to have them too frequently we are dissipating an enormous amount of energy which can lead to consequences in terms of health and emotional well being. Its possible to have an incredible degree of sexual pleasure without having an orgasm and in this way sexual energy is enjoyed but our vital energy is not wasted. Dissipating too much of this energy actually shortens our lifespan significantly and its understood in occult circles that human beings can live much much longer lifespans than is currently the case.

I’m not intending to suggest that orgasm itself is a waste of energy. If its engaged in with moderation, intention and with an appropriate partner it can bring us to an ecstatic state and even spiritual union. The point with all this is that our sexual energy is powerful and being powerful it has great potential for creation as well as destruction. In Western Occultism, it is said that if one wants to awaken and develop the ability to fully create a fulfilled life sexual energy must be mastered and directed intentionally. It must be redirected and used to help break us free of our limitations. In Tarot this is represented by Key 8, Strength. Here the woman represents our subconscious mind and the lion sexual energy or kundalini. Subconsciousness here has the energy under directed control and so can use it in its full force for any creative endeavor. However to do this we must purify our desires so we no longer waste and abuse this sacred power. It is something for us to enjoy and the truth is that in purifying our desires the degree of sexual pleasure that awaits us is very far beyond what the ordinary human being has ever experienced. Sex in our repressed culture is but a pale shadow of what is possible for us. This is the awakened serpent power freely flowing in the directions of our creative pursuits and remaking our world with love and interconnectedness. With the full force of our serpent power behind us our creative acts become nothing short of miraculous!

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