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I’ve always wondered why the hell life didn’t come with an owners manual or a least a damn FAQ! I mean it would be so much easier wouldn’t it? We wouldn’t have to spend years searching for fulfillment, love, enlightenment and all the other crap we can’t seem to quite get a hold of. We could just follow the directions and live happily ever after yes? Well no, and it would suck if that were the case anyway because I guess the process or the journey is important but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a nightmare at times. But who wants a predictable monotonous life anyway, right?

The nightmare that is prominent in this phase of my life has been the oh so innocuous question: What do you want? Sounds like an innocent and even fun question doesn’t it? Well its not, its a mantra from hell! Ok I’m being dramatic but they did decide to make that question the very first topic of the first lesson of the first course on western occultism I ever studied. Then they said don’t waste your time going any further until you can answer it because its critically important to have a direction. Well I sat there stumped and frustrated for weeks with that one and then jotted down some ridiculous intention of making more money for lack of a better direction. Over the years I’ve wrestled with that question distilling the answers further and gradually getting it closer to a real desire which apparently I had no clue about initially, what a real desire is that is. Desire is the FORCE that drives us but many surface desires are destructive because they are based in a disconnect from life force or spirit. A purified desire is when desire is aligned or in tune with the growth oriented aspect of life and its supposed to be the key energy of awakening.

Anyway, so I was stuck trying to create material things through spiritual means not understanding that the question was meant to get one to address what they want to BE and DO in this life. The larger direction of ones life path or what do we really want to create with this life we so magically found ourselves in? Even though I’ve struggled so much with this (and I’m not going to tell you my current answer to that question because the instruction is to keep that private, between you and your higher self until its fully created), I fully resonate with the perspective that we are here in this life to be UNIQUE creative expressions of the divine or life power in form. This perspective essentially says the meaning of life is to fully be yourself, what a relief huh? BUT, to do that we can’t live a life of following the paths of others!

So how do we get in touch with what we are truly here to do? I’ve struggled with that too, I know I know I’m a struggler, it runs in the family! The instruction is almost idiotically simple and we’ve all heard it before, FOLLOW YOUR BLISS, but how many of us really accepted or even understood that? Thats what it comes down to we follow our bliss, do what brings us joy or go with our passion. Actually its not really following our bliss because that would imply that our bliss is something separate that we must follow behind, its more embodying our bliss or joy because its truly what we are so we are effectively flowing with our true power when we live that way, doing what the rest of nature does with no problem only we’re doing it consciously. Almost everyone is familiar with this to some degree. I did it from the beginning. I’ve had three careers in my life all of which I entered into because I was following a desire. The military was first, then I went back to school to study psychology and got a job in behavioral research and counseling and after that studied various forms of technology and had several jobs in that arena. But the problem was that the initial desire or passion that initiated me on these career paths ended up being smothered because in our society we are not rewarded for being unique, not most of the time anyway. We follow our passion and then we go to school and choose a course of study which limits our expression to whats acceptable in that field, what other people think. We go to get a job and our expression is limited by the selection of jobs and the rules we must follow in the course of our work. Even if we decide to be entrepreneurs and work for ourselves our expression is still limited by the need for money and to do things in such a way to ensure material success and acceptance. If we’re spiritually inclined we tend to choose a religion or system of practice and walk our path in the way that religion prescribes. Our society goes out of its way to limit unique creative expression except in a few select areas but for the average person its not encouraged, in fact its often demonized or punished.

However in my view we exist in this world to be unique creative expressions of the divine in form and we’re living in a time is history when its becoming very important that we step into that. The key word there is UNIQUE. To be ourselves and walk a path that no one else has ever walked before. This means stepping into the unknown which is terrifying at first and very challenging because we’re going where no one has gone before. How do we determine what direction that entails for us, we follow our inclinations or the things we naturally take joy in without regard for whether they are socially acceptable or whether they will bring us financial wealth. The perceived NEED for acceptance from others and a discernible flow of money are two key limiting factors to walking our own paths as is fear of the unknown. The great irony in that is that when you truly walk your own path of joyful fulfillment you are in tune with all the power of the universe so you attract everything you need along the way including the people that truly resonate with you and the resources you need to accomplish your goals, without trying. Its actually a path of least resistance and a path of unknown destinations. You know a river makes its way by flowing not struggling and the water at the top of the mountain has no idea how to get down to the valley, it doesn’t have directions. It simply flows down the path of least resistance and arrives where it needs to be, the sea or the sky. Water is a great analogy here because “water” is symbolic in occult philosophy of the root matter of the universe of which we are all made. Unfortunately, human beings more often take the path of most resistance because they don’t know how to let go and flow and they don’t trust life. We’re conditioned otherwise and this conditioning is against the natural order and because of it we suffer and live unfulfilling lives. We work, drink, smoke, fuck, eat, search, strive and compete with each other to get something which we can’t even really describe, not really.

In occult practice fully living a life of complete fulfillment is sometimes called the Great Work and its what we’re here to do. They say that the human personality or that which we usually take ourselves to be is not capable of completing or accomplishing the Great Work because it is inherently limited and its meant to be. We can only achieve it be shifting our perspective so that we no longer identify with our personality as being who and what we are and instead connect with our higher Self or that part of us which is called the I AM, the Christos, the Goddess or simply Divinity. Its often represented in the western tradition as an Angel but its the differentiated part of the divine that manifests in us and it is only by allowing ourselves to be guided by higher Self that we can reach fulfillment or complete the Great Work. Our personality then becomes the vehicle for carrying out divine Will which means we no longer have to figure out our life but we do have to give up control and its the fearful need for control that makes us so terrified of the unknown when its really our salvation. We all have access to the reservoir of wisdom, power and clarity if we are able to quiet our noisy minds long enough to Hear the still small Voice over the incessant droning of the voices in our heads. Its subtle but always there and always leads us in the direction of growth, it knows what we want and how we can achieve it but it only gives its guidance in the right NOW and only shows us the next step. If we can trust and embrace our deeper selves a whole new world dawns and we truly become Gods and Goddesses walking the earth!

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