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“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”
~ Desmond Tutu

I have a question for you and I have a challenge for you (and for me too). We are at a very intense key point in history as you may have noticed. I believe that right now more than ever what we individually think, feel, believe, say and do is critically important to how these intense times play out. We are living in a time of a real opportunity for lasting change and absolutely NO ONE else is going to create that change for us, its on each one of us. We cannot depend on politicians or religious leaders or anyone else. This is a time of individual action.

In the tradition of western occultism that I study it is a given that what we hold predominatly in consciousness is what ultimately becomes our actual physical experience. This tradition also is very clear that any real creation requires practical action or it remains nothing more than wishful thinking because without action nothing can take form. This has challenged me again and again to look at what I am really willing to do to realize my dreams. How serious am I about creating change or am I just waiting for it to happen? How willing am I to let go of what is comfortable, familiar and known to embrace something new and unknown?

So my question for you is what are you personally willing to do to change this world, right now? Are you willing to walk out of your house and join in protests to demand equality? Thats different than watching others do it on Youtube, are YOU willing to do it? If not what are you willing to do because doing nothing is something as well and I think we have to ask ourselves what we are choosing if we choose inaction.

So my challenge to you is to ACT, in a way that feels right for you but to let go of waiting for anything. To act from the heart and from your truth. To let go of looking to anyone else to do it for you. To ACT for the change that YOU personally want to see happen and to ACT NOW!

We truly can create change because change happens all the time, its just a matter of guiding that change in the direction that we want to see manifest rather than allowing others to use us to manipulate things for their greedy dysfunctional aims. We only stop being used in this way when we take full responsibility individually and personally and become will to actually DO something. When that is combined and coordinated collectively as there is the potential for now you have a revolution. Its time for a re-evolution!

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