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Are you waiting for the end of the world? The recent prediction of the rapture and end of the world this year by a fundamentalist Christian preacher got me to ask myself that very question. Oh course I didn’t take it seriously because you know they do that all the time don’t they but it also go me thinking about what is behind such predictions. Well there was no rapture but it was surprising how seriously some people took it, even selling their possessions and moving to a ‘safe’ place. It was hard for me to not just write them off as ignorant, gullible and sad but that would be nothing more than my own self important judgement however they may just represent a powerful collective pattern. A pattern that has been going on for millennia. How could I really blame them because life in mainstream society is pretty damn lousy so why wouldn’t people want to let that all go for a life of eternal bliss? I mean you work at a job which even if you like it you have to admit that if you weren’t being paid you wouldn’t be there. Well then theres money which is why most people ‘work’ and you can never seem to get enough of the stuff. But at least theres relationships and love right, bliss, uh kind of but you also get trauma, disappointment and divorce. We’ve got war, we’ve got violence, inequality, a dying environment….yada yada yada….I could fill the entire post with this, it pretty much sucks the big one. So why not have a rapture and leave this cesspool behind for an eternal life of bliss?

Shit it actually sounds kinda good. Fuck this world man, I want heaven NOW!  So I had to ask myself how this pattern exists for me, am I too waiting to be saved by the rapture? You see it isn’t just fundamentalist Christians, what about the whole 2012 phenomena? There are many views on 2012 from the entirely doom and gloom end of the world in a fiery explosion nonsense to the idea of transformation into a new age to a shift in realities or expansion of consciousness all the way to the ascension of humans into a high level of reality. Hmmmmmm, kinda sounds like a new age version of the rapture without all the biblical crap thrown in. We just get to replace that with Mayan stuff or people coming down from the Pleiades or whatever star system their emissaries happen to be from this week to take us ‘home’. So hell yeah lets ascend, lets jump on a spaceship and head to the greener pastures of um Orion or fuck it wherever its sunny and life is good.

But wait a minute something isn’t right here, do we really get to ascend and leave the mess we’re created on this beautiful planet for someone else to clean up? Do we really think that all the unconsciousness we’re played out in our lives is going to vaporize in 2012 so we can be reborn new and fresh and miraculously conscious in 2013? (and be born again new agers). If so I guess you haven’t read much about karma or don’t find it convenient to that plan. You see for me the problem with all of this whether its the Christians, the Muslims going to heaven for the 72 virgins or new agers ready to awaken in 2012 is in my view its an expression of the desire to escape. To escape from the suffering we (each and every one of us no matter how enlightened we might think we are) are creating for ourselves and our world right now. Its missing the most sacred point of life which is that it happens NOW and only now.

Thats actually good news and if we were to accept it truly we could get rid once and for all of all the rapture, apocalypse, ascension, new age 2012 crap that gets recycled constantly. Eternal life, you got it. Life is eternal and exists eternally in the now, are you willing to drop your mind created illusion of time and join life there right NOW? Bliss, joy, happiness, you got it, its what you are, your true self but can you let go of putting all your energy into maintaining a complex, fragile, always under attack, never satisfied self, which never existed to begin with it just separates you from your true self. You won’t get to your true self by trying to improve yourself because ahem, cough, er uh you don’t have a self! How the hell do you achieve enlightenment in the future when there is no future and enlightenment is what you already are at your core? You don’t. Ever. Which I think is why so many of us cling to all this crap because we’re terrified of what we really are because its unknown and limitless. We can’t understand it with our minds or control it with our egos, not that we ever could anyway so we settle for the painfully limited existence thats nearly self destructed us.

The rapture is happening right now, 2012 is happening right now, life is happening right now, joy is happening right now. Its up to you to align yourself with that, then your world will end as you knew it (without needing some guy to drop out of the sky or some pyramid to light the way to the center of the galaxy). Your world will end and you will enter the kingdom of heaven, right now. So the question is what are you waiting for, will you take the leap NOW?

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