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As we move further into the new paradigm and further out of the old, one thing I’m repeatedly and intensely struck by is the power of the Divine Feminine and the role its playing in the process of the transformation into the New Earth. The old paradigm has been very much one of the destructive masculine, the manifestation of the masculine when it is disconnected from the feminine and takes the form of reckless ungrounded action. We see that all over the place from war to the destruction of the environment to the totalitarian governments that dominate this planet. The destructive masculine is also dominating because it is disconnected from the the true power of the feminine so we get the subjugation of women and the destruction of mother nature as the disconnected masculine reacts with fear to the very power it so desperately needs, the feminine. Both men and women can embody the destructive masculine although it has been primarily men because of their masculine embodiment.

As we continue to dissolve the patriarchal paradigm, I’ve been paying close attention to the role women are playing in creating a new world. Men have dominated this planet for centuries and they have been in the active role in determining what society looks like and how we engage each other and the planet. Part of the transformation I see happening is a redefining of the roles of the sexes. I do not see the new world as being dominated by women or as a matriarchy because that would take us out of balance in the other direction not to mention that the Divine Feminine is not a dominating force. However I do see women taking more of the leadership role in creating the new paradigm, creating a new society and healing the planet. Simultaneously I see men taking more of a supportive but no less important role in this process as we let go of dominance and reintegrate the feminine with us that we have been so disconnected from. So I really see this as a time when women are stepping into their true power and embodying the Goddess and leading us into the new Earth.

The importance of the role of women in this process is something I’ve seen personally in the many amazing women I’ve had the good fortune to know and connect with but its also been something I have seen reflected in the statements of many male spiritual teachers. In a discussion some years back my own Tibetan Buddhist teacher at the time said that he believed that we were entering a time where there would be many more female spiritual teachers because women have a more direct access to the experience of compassion through their life giving process. As I’ve stated in another article, His Holiness the Dalai Lama also made a similar statement where he shared his belief that the world would be transformed through the leadership of the western woman. In my current study of the teachings of don Juan through the writing of Carlos Castenada there is a point in the book ‘Tales of Power’ where Carlos asks don Juan if women can be warriors on the path of knowledge to which don Juan responds:
“Of course they can,” he said, “and they are even better equipped for the path of knowledge than men. But then men are a bit more resilient. I would say, however, that, all in all, women have a slight advantage.”
Its that very advantage that is needed right now. Another example of this comes from the Indian mystic Sri Aurobindo where he states “If there is to be a future it will wear the crown of feminine design”. The leadership role of women is also being reflected by their growing dominance in business and education. In the Atlantic magazine article ‘The End of Men’, the author points out that the majority of college degrees are being earned by women and for the first time in history women are beginning to dominate in the workplace as well including in managerial positions once dominated by men.

For me this makes sense because we are entering a time of healing and a time of creating new life and I think women have particular gifts that resonate with where the planet is moving and where we’re individually moving in terms of consciousness. A friend of mine just wrote an article entitled, ‘The Power of the Womb’ where she speaks of the power that women have through the channel of the Womb, the cradle of life. I think this is the ‘advantage’ that don Juan speaks of and that is so very much needed right now. However the Divine Feminine does not solely manifest as the nurturing life giving mother, it also manifests as the Crone of death or the destructive force of Kali which is necessary to clear the way for new life to form. So its the dual aspect of the feminine or the Goddess that I see intensifying and being most clearly and directly embodied by women.

None of this is to say that men are not important in this process. However I believe men are being called on to take a different role than they have historically taken. As a man I have access to the Divine Feminine within me and part of my process is getting deeply in touch with that because the destructiveness of the patriarchy is only possible by men being disconnected from their feminine aspect. If men can reintegrate that they become free from needing women in a disempowering way to be their emotional channels or crutches. Men can become whole and no longer need to dominate women in order to attempt to possess the feminine part of themselves through external means or to be dominated by women out of needy incompleteness. The masculine which is grounded in the feminine becomes an active force of creativity, support and movement. A new level of relationship between men and women becomes possible. I’ve shared this before but I feel more and more drawn to worship and adore women as stated in this article, ‘Why its wise to worship a woman’ and the follow up ‘The Art of Worshiping Women’. To truly worship women (or really the Divine Feminine which they embody) requires me to be in connection with my feminine nature as well as be in my power as a man otherwise it becomes emasculating. To worship means to adore or recognize divinity in my use of the term, its a sacred act. Thats why the cultures of old were so in awe and ready to worship so much in their world, even deifying much of life and nature. This is something we have lost in our materialistic separation in my view.

When I write about this perspective I tend to get negative feedback from some men who criticize the view as being emasculating, seeing men as inferior to women in some way. I feel that the challenge for many men who have been conditioned by the patriarchy is to let go of their egoic need to be in control because there is still a part of most men that is terrified of the feminine within them and to some extent terrified of women, especially empowered women. It takes a true warrior to acknowledge that fear and face it and surrender to the feminine aspect within. In that surrender comes healing, wholeness and true male power. Both sexes can then walk hand in hand into a new world together which is essential because we can only create that new world together.

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