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The clouds gather ominous on the horizon
A buildup of massive waves
Suddenly one crests and crashes down upon the shore of my heart
I’m inundated, overwhelmed, cast open wide

Flooded I sink down below the surface, drowning
Desperately coming up for air only to fall back down once again
And again

My heart is open and from the depths
I cry the tears of a thousand pains, a thousand losses,
A thousand wrongs, a thousand lifetimes
A thousand stories in a tangled web of confusion

The torrent overwhelms me and I become one with it
My heart aches, my head throbs, my eyes swollen
I know nothing else

The world seen through this lens is a cold cruel place
Filled only with pain and sorrow

Then a flash of light appears
Amidst the clouds growing brighter
Only to be dimmed again by another wave

Suddenly the clouds part and the sun shines through
And I see the sky and remember
This too shall pass

And the storm passes and all is calm again
Yet I was swept away

Who remains?

I do not know

The sun shines……..

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