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I want to share a great article a friend posted on facebook recently that addresses how men can relate to women in a sacred way and make a personal connection with the Divine Feminine. The article which appears on the Huffington Post is titled – “Why It Is Wise to Worship a Woman” – awesome title. There is also a follow article called ‘The Art of Worshiping Women’. The author shares his experience of making a deep connection with the Divine Feminine and how that has changed how he relates to his partner and women in general.

Like many men I have lived most of my life disconnected from the Divine Feminine. That disconnection has produced incredible suffering as I’ve chased after women in an attempt to reclaim a part of myself. I’ve torn apart relationships bouncing back and forth between the extremes of either trying to dominate women or giving my power away to them and feeling dominated myself. Over the last few years I’ve felt a strong pull to the archetype of the Goddess and this has lead me slowly but surely into cultivating a relationship with the Divine Feminine in my own spiritual practice. That process has lead to some incredible realizations and has begun to transform my relationship with women. I was amazed at first by the incredible resistance I experienced when opening up to the Goddess and her powerful healing presence. I say resistance but what it really felt like was terror, I’ve been afraid of women because it felt like they had a power I could not understand and which could easily destroy me, at least on an emotional level but also a power I very much needed to be whole. This fear and disconnection prevents true relationship because one is only able to relate to a projection. The projection being the feminine part of me that I am separated from projected onto a woman. I am then in relationship with my projection rather than the beautiful being in front of me and the connection becomes about the manipulation of that projection to get what appears to be needed.

In opening up to the Goddess and creating an inner relationship to the Divine Feminine I am now seeing more of the sacredness and wisdom that women reflect. A new type of relationship with women has become possible where I can worship and adore them as manifestations of the Goddess while simultaneously seeing that as a reflection of the feminine within me. The balance of seeing it both internally and externally is essential because if I see it as separate then I give my power away and dysfunctional connection results. This allows true relationship and unconditional love because I am no longer projecting the feminine within me externally, instead I simply see women as reflecting it and so when I serve and honor them I’m serving and honoring myself at the same time. Without the projection I also see each woman more as who she is rather than what I need from her so true relationship becomes possible. Coming into relationship from this place of wholeness or with masculine and feminine energies in balance in the space of the Divine allows a deep level of relating which the author of this article refers to as entering the gates of the temple, the temple being the Divine Feminine.

For men, women can embody the mystery of the Divine Feminine and can initiate us into its experience if we honor them and open our hearts to receive this amazing gift. I think particularly in this time this is a healing journey that is open to men and essential if we wish to heal our part in creating the brutal imbalance of the patriarchal paradigm. In the article the author suggests two ways of practicing this which I very much agree with, one being a personal spiritual practice with the Goddess and the other being adoring and serving women. I feel this is one of my primary purposes in life. The women in my life have been my greatest teachers and I feel we need more female teachers and role models in our society so as to bring the energies back into balance for the collective. We as men also need to cultivate and strengthen our embodiment of the God or Divine Masculine which can only come to its true power when grounded in the Feminine. We can only truly honor and serve women if we are secure in the Masculine because dis-empowered service is not true service.

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