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This morning was the full moon in Virgo/Pisces and last night when the moon as out in all her radiance I tried a new form of full moon practice. I usually do a special practice on the full moon which includes meditation and channeling the powerful energy with intention but last nights practice opened me up to the energy of the Goddess at a new level.

The moon is traditionally associated with the Goddess in many nature religions and such an association feels quite natural to me. When the moon is full the power of the Goddess is manifested outwardly at its greatest intensity so it is a powerful time to open to her energy. For me the Goddess is the personification of the Divine Feminine within each of us, of the nurturing energy of the natural world, the Yin energy and of the creative life giving force of the universe. It has been incredibly healing for me especially as a man to cultivate a personal relationship with the Goddess thereby awakening the Divine Feminine within me and allowing it to guide and nurture me. This has begun to transform my relationship with women as well because having this connection with the Divine Feminine means I don’t have to unconsciously try to get it from them. I can be more free to honor women as manifestations of the Goddess and offer them love and adoration from a more balanced empowered place.

My practice last night involved going outside under the full moon and reaching up to her in salutation and opening myself to her energy. I imagined channeling the energy of the full moon from above through me while imagining grounding myself into the earth thereby creating a circuit of flowing energy. I reached up to the moon and then moved my hands down to my heart drawing down the moon and the power of the Goddess into my heart, welcoming her into my heart and my life. From that place I allowed myself to breath in the darkness, suffering, pain and fear of the world into the radiant moon at my heart and then breath out the loving, compassionate nurturing energy of the Goddess and see the world and all within it transformed by her loving presence. After a few rounds of this and some giving of thanks and praise to the Lady I then grounded the energy into the earth seeing the planet as healed and transformed. This was a powerful practice because I felt the energy at my heart very powerfully and felt the presence of the Lady more than I ever have before.

The cycles of the moon have become a primary guiding force in my life which feels like a way of reconnecting with the natural rhythms that so many of us have lost touch with. Our tribal brothers and sisters in the past lived by these natural cycles and created their lives based on them and in harmony with them. What would our world look like if we fully were to return to this kind of harmonious way of life? I imagine it would be nothing short of magical. May you find your connection with the Lady and rejoice in it.

Praise to the Goddess in all her forms……….Blessed Be!

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