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It has been interesting over the last few years to watch the concept of 2012 emerge into mass consciousness and grow into the household word it is today. Given its popularity there are now a wide range of perceptions as to what meaning the 2012 date holds. As it has become more popular, I find it interesting but not surprising that it has assumed the projection of a destructive apocalyptic future. This is most clearly illustrated by the current blockbuster film “2012″ which I watched for the first time yesterday more out of curiosity than anything else.

As I anticipated it was an expensive movie with amazing special effects, poor acting that modeled stereotypical American roles and carried forward a theme which has been developing for some time. The amazing special effects were devoted to depicting as realistically as possible the utter destruction of our planet and almost everyone on it. There were graphic allusions to 9/11 with images of crumbling skyscrapers with people jumping or falling out of them while others are crushed by rubble or tidal waves. The poorly developed shallow characters go through a non-stop frantic nearly impossible adventure to be one of the privileged few survivors. In the movie, high tech arks are built for the elite while everyone else is left to die, not too surprising either. The transformation the planet goes through is entirely physical with the same underlying consciousness being carried into the “new world”.

As I watched this movie, I noticed that there was a part of me that loved it even though it was a lousy negative movie. What I loved was the disaster and how well the imagery depicted it. I began to question why I would find enjoyment in watching such a realistic depiction of my planet being ravaged and my fellow human beings dying violently? What dawned on me was that this was the part of me that sees the dysfunction and pain of this world and secretly longs for the whole mess to finally be over. This is the part of my psyche that is invested in the world of materialism, struggle and work. The old paradigm which constitutes a life devoid of meaning, compassion and loving-kindness. Why wouldn’t I want “that world” to be over? It is the death wish of the ego that is cut off from life, spirit and meaning.

I began to see this recurrent theme of disaster and destruction in a new light. A reflection of the dying paradigm we find ourselves in today. The death throws of the materialist world and so why wouldn’t that look like massive explosive violent destruction on a material level? The outward images of destruction also represent the incredible inner turmoil so many are experiencing right now as the inner conflicts that are at the source of what is playing out in the world continue to be illuminated. For me, 2012 isn’t a date it is a wake up call for the psyche. It is an evolutionary threshold and if we wish to evolve beyond this point an expansion or elevation in consciousness is required so that we can embody the incredible power we have in healthy non-destructive way. If not, that power can destroy us much like in the movie except we are not victims but the architects of our own destruction brought about by our resistance to awakening.

What this movie represents is potentially a valuable tool if we look at what it is reflecting inside us. An invitation to go inward and address the inner conflict and destructiveness that is at the root of our own shadow side. If consciously faced on an inner level this incredible destructive force can be transformed into light, into awakening, into the very power of true transformation. Our practice in my view is to find a middle path, not indulging in it unconsciously but also not turning away from it in denial. When we embrace the light while denying the darkness, the darkness eventually takes us over. Ultimately demons cannot be overcome by force or by avoiding or fleeing from them because they are created by separation and resistance. They can only be dissolved through acceptance, compassion and direct conscious engagement because they are a part of us which has been cut off. We then free the power that they hold and reclaim it for our growth and realize there never really was a demon just a part of us screaming for attention.

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