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A powerful trend is growing in our society as we move deeper into this time of transformation. It is becoming more and more clear to me that the changes we are experiencing involve the movement of the Divine Feminine into a more dominant role in the world and society. This is being reflected for me on both an inner and an outer level but it feels like it is a very powerful and important aspect of this transformative time.

On the outer level it is being reflected by the changes I see women going through. I’m seeing more and more women stepping out of the old roles prescribed by the patriarchal society and questioning all aspects of it including their roles in relationship, family, work and government. It doesn’t stop there however because women are taking the lead in many ways in creating change and alternatives to how things have typically been done. What this comes down to in my view in an incredible surge in power particularly among women and it makes sense considering the disempowered role women have held in society until recently.

I’ve been a fan of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for many years and he has been a spiritual mentor for me. A comment he made at a recent peace summit in Vancouver BC really struck me, he said “The world will be saved by the western woman”. Buddhism has typically been a male dominated religion as many organized religions have been so this is a powerful statement coming from a Buddhist leader and someone of the Dalai Lama’s wisdom. On another occassion he made the comment that women represent the source of human compassion and compassion is something needed in abundance in this time of transformation. The Dalai Lama’s feelings about the importance of women in this time of change reflect my own because I see it as the pendulum swinging back in the other direction. The time is ripe for women to take the lead in many ways and for men to support that process and also reap the benefits of what it can mean for society and the world.

This has also been an inner process for me as most of my spiritual teachers have been men from male dominated traditions until recently. I’ve felt for several years now a growing desire to commune with the Divine Feminine and to rediscover the Goddess both within me and in the external world. This has lead me in a new direction spiritually as well as in other aspects of my life. While I work to fulfill my dreams and my purpose I have a sense that part of what I’m here to do is to support women, to take a more supportive role as they step into the lead in many areas. This isn’t to say men don’t have an important role to play as well in creating a new society but I don’t think it will be as prominent a role in the same way because we may be experiencing a balancing process after so many years of patriarchy. Men have an incredible challenge in reconnecting with and reintegrating the Divine Feminine within and stepping into new ways of relating to women in their lives. We’ve held more power than is natural for far too long and it has done great damage to men as well as women. I see it as a healthy step for men to let go and surrender to the Goddess which is a part of their nature. Male power can only be truly empowering when it is grounded in the feminine otherwise it becomes extreme and destructive as we have seen so this is a process of men taking their true power back as well and living a more fulfilled existence.

This is an incredibly exciting prospect. When I imagine a society that strongly reflects the presence of the Goddess what I see is something very nurturing, compassionate, and abundant not to mention healthy. We’ve been out of touch with this aspect of ourselves for too long. The time has come for the Goddess to reassert herself in a powerful way and that is what I see happening and the results will be good for both women and men. Ultimately I think we will end up in a place where the polarities of masculine and feminine return to balance as equal reflections of the Divine but we must heal the imbalance before we can get to that.

Read more about the Dalai Lama’s statement here:

Image: The Godess Brigid by AvalonSky via deviantART

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