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Once during a regular question and answer session with his students, spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti paused and leaned forward and asked the audience, “Do you want to know what my secret is?”. Everyone sat up and became immensely alert because here was one of the great spiritual teachers of the 20th century and he was about to tell them his secret. Krishnamurti in a soft spoken voice said “You see, I don’t mind what happens”. Who could believe that the secret or really the core teaching of such a great master could be something so simple? But it is just this simple statement and way of being that contains the key to incredible freedom and joy.

It is a state of complete equanimity with life. A state of utter non-resistance to what is. From this perspective our suffering comes from our resistance to the present moment just as it is. When we say NO to what is we immediately create separation and cut ourselves off from life and from our true power. Wanting the present moment to be different than it is could be considered an insane way of life because the one undeniable thing about the present moment is that it is how it is. If we are experiencing an unpleasant situation or pain of some kind denying it and wishing it to be different isn’t going to help because we are denying what is already happening. Rather than making it better it adds the pain of resistance and conflict on top of the already unpleasant situation. It also blocks us from creating something new because we get stuck in fighting whats happening.

When we first accept what is even if its painful or unpleasant we allow ourselves to acknowledge it and fully feel and experience it which clears the way to truly create change. It also gives us clarity to see what can be done so we see what we can do to change a situation or if there is nothing we can do to change it we see that too and at least we can accept it with peace and clarity.

Can you imagine what life would be like if you were ok with whatever was happening? Your state of being would no longer be controlled by external events which you really have no control over anyway. Instead you could derive your happiness and security from within which is where it comes from in my opinion. You would then be free to more fully engage and enjoy life and whats happening because you wouldn’t have an agenda or a need for it to be a certain way. You might still prefer certain things and outcomes and even actively work toward them but you wouldn’t need them to be happy or ok. If we can see the Divine in everything around us, in everyone and in every situation we can appreciate it even if its unpleasant. We can begin to see whats happening as Divine will and get into harmony with it and this is where miracles happen and we can step into a role of Divine co-creator.

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