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Its been almost a year since I quit my job and began a process of seeking a conscious congruent means of livelihood. I’ve been letting go of things at various levels including traditional relationship and most of my material possessions. Most recently I moved out of my apartment and have been in a state of floating without a long term living situation. It was a difficult process to let go of my apartment which had been my comfort zone but I am grateful to have such a deep degree of attachment illuminated so I can release it.

I’ve decided to do a series of posts entitled the wandering yogi because thats what a friend of mine recently referred to me as due to my lack of a place to live, my roaming and my unfolding process of awakening. It is turning out to be quite an adventure and a very freeing one at that. I am heartened that so many in my community have reached out and offered me support at this time in terms of temporary places to stay, food, emotional support, car use and much more. They are all very much appreciated and loved by me. I never planed to be without a place to live but this is where my path has taken me in this moment and so I surrender to it and seek my stability, security and peace within. I am creating what I need each day in the moment and this has brought me into much more direct contact with my core being as well as my fears and resistance.

Its my intention to create a new long term place to live but until that manifests I will continue to wander and enjoy the present moment wherever my path takes me. My concern each day is simply to remain fully present, accept what is, put joyful energy into my vision and be of whatever benefit I can to others.

This truly is a beautiful dream…….

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